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【Particular portfolio of work】Free riding Bike Sharing services inside Campus trial run notice
1)oBike provides stationless bike sharing service to solve short distance travel request. All the services will be proceeded through smartphone App. During the trial run period, there will be 250 bikes providing service inside NDHU campus. Please find the operation period and method as follow,
A) Trial run period: 18th~30th April, 2017( period time will be longer depends on the trial run situation)
B) Location: 8 Bike Parking locations which include area between Lakeside restaurant, and Science and Engineering Building I, Humanities and Social Sciences Building I&II, Indigenous Studies Building, Indoor Sports Center, Domitory I, III, VI, VII
C) Rental method: Please refer to the attached
D) Covered location: Inside campus only, and need to park the bike to proper bike park location, illegal parking is prohibited.
2) Starting from 18th April, 2017, oBike will hold promotion event,which provides services including usage training, Q&A section outside Lakeside Restaurant on every Tuesday and Thursday ( Event will be postponed for 1 day if raining). Besides, part-time job recruitment will also be invited, all students are welcome.
3) Contact method: Please contact at
Facebook,Instagram @oBikeTW or search oBike Taiwan for more information.
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