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【Environmental protection Section】Notice of alteration on garbage collecting time schedule of Dong Hwa campus
I. Effective from May. 22, 2017 (Mon) on, time schedule on collecting campus garbage
 will be adjusted as attached, collecting time on recyclables altered to every Monday,
 Wednesday and Friday.
II. Collecting time of faculty quarters was originally on every Tuesday, Thursday and
 Saturday, now changes to on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 18:00~20:00
 pm. Originally another collecting schedule of faculty quarters on every Monday
 evening at 17:10~17:30 is cancelled.
III. Adjusted collecting schedule please refers to time tables as attached.
IV. This adjustment notice is based on resolution of meeting regarding garbage
 sorting and resource recycling on students quarters dated on Apr. 26, 2017.

Environmental Protection Section, Office of General Affairs, NDHU