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Documentation Section

      Donghua University instrument group documents within and outside the school responsible for sending and receiving, mail distribution, package delivery, file management and seals Code and other services, also provides telephone exchange service. The group is committed to the implementation of paperwork simplification, rationalization and electronic workflow, the use of our information and network center computer software developed by the instrument, the daily management of the instruments actually completed and sending and receiving business. 

Main Business Description:

1.First, send and receive text processing:
  in accordance with regulations to sign, demolition of experience, number, registration, nothing, correction, with printing, forwarding and other operations. 
2. Second, the document hasten:
  According to document the nature and the time limit, the units of every month hasten posting regularly to enhance the efficiency of word processing. 
3.Third, the file management:
  Daily for check and accept, sorting, classification, binding, storage, retrieval and other related as  Industry, and in January and July each year for the current file directory archiving and exchange delivery. 
4.Fourth, seal management:
  Daily handling our instruments, documents, contracts and other information with the printed matter. 
5.Fifth, e-mail management:
  School faculties and students based on standardized mail processing operations, handling a variety of messages,
6.Switchboard management:
 To provide the school, outside telephone counseling, transfer services, and updated regularly finishing school extension table.