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Cashier Section

1.Collection of cash, notes, securities, etc., and issuing receipts.
2.Payment remittance, check mailing and other services.
3.The formal establishment of the school staff contractors (including the use of personnel into the school fund, outstanding projects) salary, bonuses, performance bonuses, bonuses for no-leaving, back pay and recovery.

4.Preparation and distribution of hourly pay for part-time school teachers and tutor fees.
5.Collection and refund for Tuition and miscellaneous fees and Credit fees.
6.Tax audit, summed up account data, the alien and year-end income reporting and correctioins.
7.Transfer of school funds to short term and long term certificate deposits of various types of financial institutions and post office.
8.Contractors of the bid bond, bonds and other guarantees and other receivables payment refund custody matters.
9.Electronic payments, deposit of contribution benefits and account closure.
10.Claim for receipt, registration of receipt numbers, summary report and management.
11.Petty cash management.
12.Account managment, including preparation of daily report of cash balances, monthly statements and bank balances at the end of each month.