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Construction and Maintenance Section

Introduction of Affairs in Construction and Maintenance Division

A. Construction
1. Setting up new-built constructions’ water, electricity and air conditioning systems
2. Preparation and revision of invitation to tender of constructions
3. Purchasing process of authorized technical service
4. Management and supervision of constructions

B. Maintenance
1. Maintenance of campus buildings and dormitories
2. Application and registration of maintenance cases
3. Maintenance, management and supervision of constructions purchasing process
4. Examination and maintenance of public security
5. Maintenance budget development

C. Others
1. Maintenance of water, electricity, air conditioning, fire protection, elevators, power sub-station, and boilers
2. Cooperating with the power and water-saving measures
3. Collecting and reporting statistical data of affairs
4. Contact with the Ministry of Education and performing its affairs
5. Dealing general official documents
6. Other occasional affairs