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Purchasing & Supply Section

I. Introduction

The main business of General Affair’s section includes financial and labour service procurement procedures business, management and routine cleaning and maintenance of various university’s buildings, merchants subcontract business, counselling and maintains safety of campus, vehicle management business, deployment of official vehicles, vehicle maintenance, and support for various major events in school, etc.

II. Work Portfolio

1. The procurement operations and procedures of property and equipment of labour services.

2. Various transactional sporadic procurement operations.

3. Management, the using and the writes off of petty cash.

4. Review of transport fares application of staff.

5. Deployment and maintenance of vehicles.

6. Management of borrowing lecture halls, conference rooms, public places and items.

7. Personnel management of workers (Including new employers, recruitments, leave, rewards and penalties, retirement pensions and access, etc.)

8. The checking, record, and payment verification of electricity and water consumption of campus and student dormitory.

9. Management, maintenance, addition, transfer, write off of telephone system and the production-sharing list of telephone fees.

10. Management of campus safety.

11. Environment management and maintenance of the teaching and administrative building.

12. Various merchants of subcontract business, counselling and management.

13. Support for other transactional business and various events.

14. Handling and contact of urgent business.

žIII.Important business implemented currently

1. Management and supervision of the subcontract business about staff transport vehicles.

2. Increase the patrolling of the campus and the surrounding in order to maintain school safety.

3. The school guard will convoy student in order to maintain the safety of off-campus housing.

4. Request and elevate the service quality of building administrators.

5. Request for a clean environment and maintenance of buildings.

6. The relocation of new buildings and the transactional equipment procurement after the merging of two campus.

7. Counsel the willingness of stationed vendor, in able to continue operating and strive for better benefits for staff and student.